This sampling includes a selection of 40 notes from the collection - they are grouped thematically, based on similar ideas and lessons that Bob revisited on the page, again and again.


Younger Years



Visual notes from preschool through the fourth grade

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Best Job In The World

Notes about parenting, feeling proud, and growing up together

Human After All


Notes expressing disappointment, anger, and saying sorry

ThA38 - sampling.jpeg

Did I Tell You...



Notes about love


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Friends & Family Feels

Notes about family and friends - how we make them, treat them, and keep them

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Teams Work Together

Notes about sports, how to win and lose gracefully, and why we practice

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Finding Success


Notes about working hard, with reminders to believe in yourself, have the right attitude, and accept encouragement

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Contemplative Envelope


Notes FILLED with metaphors, internal thoughts, PHILOSOPHIZING and who-knows-where-that-came-from


Times Like These


Notes that reflect on moments in history, newsworthy events, and notes that wonder about the state we're in

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There They Go


Notes that process leaving home, the end of an era