Celadon books acquires non-fiction gift book

by joanna guest - celadon books

Now, with over 3,000 of her father’s colorful, vibrant, touching notes in hand, Joanna has collected them into this beautiful book… Her father’s sentiments are heartfelt and full of possibility for the future; any reader will find them applicable to his or her life. 

“Based on concept alone, I knew I needed to meet this author,” says Deb. “Literally thousands of notes demonstrating a father’s love. What a special book; I knew Celadon would be the perfect home to share this beautiful father-daughter relationship with the world.” 

FOLDED WISDOM will be published in time for Father’s Day 2019. It’s the perfect gift to share with a father in your life, but also with any child, young adult, or reader of any age who appreciates good advice beautifully presented. 

Folded Wisdom: Notes from Dad on Life, Love, and Growing Up is going to be a book!! Coming Spring 2019 from Celadon Books, keep your eyes out for updates as we get ready to share even more about this exciting project.


Daily Reminders - Esopus Magazine

In Spring 2008, Bob’s notes were the cover story of Esopus Magazine’s Issue 10 - the feature highlighted 19 notes written to Joanna and Theo.

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Bob Guest’s Morning Routine - My Morning Routine

I’m sixty-four as I write this, so my routine has really evolved through the life of my family over the course of those years. I’m not a single guy in my thirties, preoccupied with myself and my career. I’m a father and a husband and a business owner and a dog lover and a friend and a biker—all of those things. And my relationship with all those things has affected the amount of time and space that I have in the morning. It also affects the things that concern me in the morning. When I had young children, up through when they were eighteen, their days, their lives, their childhoods, and their growth were the most important things to me. Having the morning time to meditate on them, their personalities, what I wanted them to know about me, about life, how I could contribute to their growing up—that’s what was important to me.

When my children went off to college to look for life and love in the big world, my routine shifted. I was able to spend more time with friends; four-legged and otherwise. It’s not that I forgot about my kids but that part of my morning routine morphed into time to think about my own life, my wife, and our next phase of life. I now think about that and so many other things and bounce those thoughts off of my friends and the trees.
— Bob Guest

The truth is that the lessons they impart are folded in each piece of paper and can be interpreted, digested, and embraced differently by anyone who gets their hands on them.

So after all these years, they’ve become not only a joy for me to revisit, but to share.
— Joanna Guest